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    Quitting cubing. selling my entire cube collection, only shipping to US

    I'd pay you full price for the Guhong v2, but if you sell that to austan1234, then I might be interested in the Lingyun v2.
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    The "I quit / pause / return / change / etc." thread

    Returning to cubing after a year and a half of break!
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    River Hill Summer 2012

    First post on here in a while! I'm trying to decide whether to compete. I haven't cubed in a really long time:(
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    Official Brest Appreciation Thread

    I wonder how many solves Brest has reconstructed overall. Only Brest himself would be insane enough to count them all.
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    What is the best lubricant? [poll]

    Lubix. As emolover said, Lubix is quite expensive but lasts forever and just feels awesome overall.
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    Is Petrus a dead method? Does the community still think it can be "fast"?

    Petrus could definitely be as fast as CFOP or Roux(IMO). I think the reason no one has gotten as fast times as with CFOP or Roux with Petrus is that not many people use Petrus.
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    [Unofficial] First sub10 in my cubing career with funny reaction

    Nice! Probably the most unique reaction I've ever seen;)
  8. jrb

    The 3x3x3 Example Solve Thread

    x2 U' L F' D2 L' // cross R' U' R U' R U R' L U L' U // 1st pair y R U2 R' U' R U R' // 2nd pair L' U L y' L' U L // 3rd pair U' R U' R' y' U R' U2 R U2 R' U' R // 4th pair+EO U2 R2 D' R U2 R' D R U2 R y' // OLL R' U2 R U2 R' F R U R' U' R' F' R2 U' // PLL alg.garron Next:R2 F2 U' R2 F2 U2 L2...
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    Jade Club Exclusive: Oskar Van Deventer Treasure Chest Cube

    Could someone please invite me? This looks awesome. Thank you to anyone who invites me:D
  10. jrb

    Unveiling of the most anticipated V-CUBE 3

    I may just buy one of these. I can't resist the urge:p
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    River Hill Winter 2012

    I probably won't be staying after the competition's over. I have a 2 hour drive home, so my parents will want to leave early:( You have no idea how much I envy you.
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    The 3x3x3 Example Solve Thread

    z2 F' U R' U F R F2 // 2x2x2 x2 R U2 R' U L' U' F U2 F y' // 2x2x3 R U' R' F R U' R' // EO d R U' R U2 R U' R2 U R U' R U2 R' U' R U R' // Finish F2L R U2 R' U' R U' R' y' R' U2 R U2 R' F R U R' U' R' F' R2 U' // LL alg.garron Next:R2 B2 R2 B2 R2 D L2 B2 D2 R2 D2 F' L D R F R2 F' L2 U F
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    The 3x3x3 Example Solve Thread

    x2 F2 y R' F R // cross U D' F' U F y R U2 R' y U R U R' D // First two F2L pairs y' D' U' R U' R' D // 3rd pair y R U' R' y' R' U' R U' // Last pair with partial edge control R U R' U' R' F R F' U' x' R U' R' D R U R' D' R U R' D R U' R' D' F' // LL alg.garron Next: F2 R2 U L2 B2 U L2 B2 L2 D...
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    The 3x3x3 Example Solve Thread

    L' F' R' U' F' R2 F2 // 2x2x2 y R U' B R U' R' U2 R' // 2x2x3 y r U r' U2 M' U M R' y R U' R' F U' R U' R' y' // WeirdEO(lol) R U R2 U R' U' R' U' R U' R' U2 R U R' U' R // Finish F2L R U2 R' U' R U R' U' y' R U R' R2 u' R U R' U R' u R2 // LL
  15. jrb

    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    The one that I use for OLL parity is:Rw2 B2 U2 Lw U2 Rw' U2 Rw U2 F2 Rw F2 Lw B2 Rw2. PLL parity:Rw2 U2 Rw2 Uw2 Rw2 Uw2 U2. Some others:

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