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    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    hey guys, ive been away from cubing for almost one year. Now im back but i have lost my old cube and im looking to buy a new cube. i want to know which are the popular cubes used by speedcubers as of now. Thanks.
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    Do you study for exams?

    Please !! someone give me some motivation ! ! I have this important exam coming in 15 days for which i was preparing for 6 months and i dont feel like studying at all. My future depends on this exam. But I find myself speedcubing and surfing in forums. I have learned the syllabus many times but...
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    Nintendo Discussion Thread

    Anyone tried the new (and the first) smartphone app by nintendo - Miitomo
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    Nintendo Discussion Thread

    Nintendo President Tatsumi Kmishima said that the Nintendo NX is not going to be an upgrade over the Wii u or 3ds but a completely new experience.
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    Nintendo Discussion Thread

    Anyone heard any news about the new nintendo console ( Nintendo NX )
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    Mathematics Thread

    I hate integration ::""**&&&*&!!!!!!
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    Nintendo Discussion Thread

    which is better - Playstation vita or New 3ds XL ?? (or a good Smartphone ??)
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    Best blindfold method for 3x3

    start by reading this -
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    Forum Upgraded

    profile pictures look blurred
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    Random Cubing Discussion

    New yj yuchuang 5x5 ! _
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    Only three 3.14