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    [Help Thread] [OFFICIAL] Gan 356i discussion / software updates / issues report

    My 356i has been incredibly stiff at any settings, and the app for me has not worked in months since an update that took it from working to non-working. Mine is collecting dust in some closet. Not even sure where I put it actually. It had a lot of potential. 'Had' being the key word....
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    300 Algs in 300 Days - Join Me | Day 9

    At first learning 1 algorithm per day for 300 days seems like a fairly low commitment, maybe 10 minutes to learn/drill the 1 algorithm. But you are forgetting that each day, you also need to drill all the other algorithms you have already learned, to prevent yourself from forgetting them, and...
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    [New] My Journey in Switching 3x3 Methods

    Like any method you will need to learn to recognize the CLL cases from all possible angles, which is a time consuming process. Otherwise, recognition takes too long.
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    [New] My Journey in Switching 3x3 Methods

    What I am trying to get at is to examine the chance of good and bad random events. For example, CFOP solves dread N-Perms, but there are no N-Perms in CFCE, even the worst CLL and worst ELL aren't too bad, even if recognition is debatable. It is also true that ELL algorithms are very fast to...
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    [New] My Journey in Switching 3x3 Methods

    CFCE might be pretty good, but I think a missing item here is skip probabilities. With CFOP you get your PLL skip 1 in 72. With CFCE, you could get a CLL skip (1 in 152), or an ELL skip (for which I don't know the probability--perhaps someone can chime in). I can try to guess ELL skip chance...
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    Yusheng Du's 3.47 3x3 WR 1 year anniversary

    Yes, and my point is that even if Yusheng Du had NOT broken the 4.22 record, the 4.22 record would still stand after 1 year. So perhaps an equally important question is not when will the 3.47 be broken, but when will the 4.22 be broken for a 2nd time.
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    Yusheng Du's 3.47 3x3 WR 1 year anniversary

    The important question is: now, 1-year later, what is the closest official time anyone has gotten to this WR? According to the WCA site, the answer is Patrick Ponce 4.24.
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    Worst cubes ever?

    People think the original 3x3 Rubik's cube from 1980 was the 'worst' cube, but actually it was an absolute DREAM compared to the 'clone' cubes, of which the 'Wonderful Puzzler' was the most common. Being slightly cheaper, it sold many units, but it was horrible. Those of us that were 'cubers'...
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    What average did you have, when you got your first sub 10?

    I averaged around 21 seconds when I got an 8.70, I could see a CLL skip (LMCF) in the inspection and I was able to plan the first edge pair after CLL all in the inspection. It sucks to get so lucky, because now I average 13-14 seconds and I still haven't beat the 8.70.
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    Will Advanced Blind Methods Become the Best Speedsolving Method for Humans?

    Perhaps a more interesting question would be the future addition of a 3x3 category with 2-minute inspection time. That would change things dramatically. Suddenly stuff like method neutral might even be worth it, or 1-looking the entire solve. Or even more interesting, blind-solve with...
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    Will Advanced Blind Methods Become the Best Speedsolving Method for Humans?

    If I'm not mistaken, a few people in the community have published verified videos where they 1-looked the entire solve with CFOP. Sure, it takes them many minutes of inspection. But then you could have an autistic savant who might be able to do it in 15 seconds. Which means it would be...
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    Algorithm Generators?

    I have always used cube explorer, but on the topic of algorithm generators, is there any algorithm generator that can (1) exclude arbitrary moves (i.e. allow M but exclude E/S) (2) generate algorithms restricted to move sets that include wide moves (rRUM for example) I have tried using cube...
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    Random thoughts on improving/evolving Roux for 3x3 2H that may or may not suck

    In the new method thread we discussed my favorite Roux variant, which is to leave the FR slot unsolved, then pre-locate the FR edge such that it will be auto-solved by the L5C algorithm. In this fashion you basically skip the entire FR slot. The drawback is that you can't use multiple CMLL's...
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    Does method neutral on 3x3 worth it?

    I agree with most on this thread that getting really good at one method is more effective. BUT, if you like the idea of learning 2 methods, then you need to have 'separable' methods for inspection. I believe you would need to be looking for totally different things. For CFOP it is extremely...
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    Can we solve a 3x3 each doing only one move?

    This is a cool thread but you totally need to change the rules so that you can post 1 move per page of the thread with NO DESCRIPTION OF ANY KIND of why the move was done or what it is trying to do. It would be far more impressive that way.