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    A question about the math...

    It's regarded as the same. If it wasn't, there would be 24 times as many combinations.
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    *No More PLL* 3x3 Rubik's Cube Method

    There are some more cons: You have to do a y/y' after F2L/COLL if you're not at the right angle. How would 4c be better than EPLL? Let's say we did F2L + COLL + EPLL... I mean it seems a lot easier to just do that
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    Magnet cube should not be legal for BLD events

    Interesting, yeah I think I agree with this.
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    The community trains 5 year old prodigy [emoji3]

    Wow this is awesome! I'd say just keep have him practicing normal solves. This may be helpful:
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    4x4 Rubiks Cube. That Horrible last edge piece.

    Interesting way of notating. If it works for you, that's cool, but as you get more experienced with cubing, you'll find the standard notation more useful, being more concise and more widely used. But anyway, you should be memorizing algorithms through muscle memory, not phrases, for most...
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    [NAR] 24.67 FMC mean - Ryan DeLine and Walker Welch

    Dang. Incredible stuff. You and your EO every time haha :P
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    US Nationals 2016 - July 29 - 31, Portland, Oregon

    Does somebody know how to make a psych sheet (outside of cubingUSA obviously)? I know someone made one for Worlds last year so maybe they could help out.
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    New 2x2 BLD Solver

    lol just EG it up
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    csTimer released

    The pre-scramble doesn't work for skewb (and I'd guess that it doesn't work for other non 2x2-7x7 puzzles as well). I scramble with yellow on top because I have a black side. So could you implement that? I put pre scramble z2 and it doesn't adjust the draw scramble
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    [Official] 0.71 2x2x2 Single - Chris Olson

    Best 2x2 solve ever done in the US. ;D
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    [Unofficial] 6.84 UWR Skype TeamBLD Single - Rami Sbahi and Patrick Ponce

    Solve starts at 0:27. I'm in awe. We just got a 6 on cam. I don't even care that the quality isn't that great. I actually caught a 6 on cam. This is UWR, not just YTUWR. Wow - I'm finally satisfied with our on cam single. Cube: YuXin 3x3
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    US Nationals 2016 - July 29 - 31, Portland, Oregon

    Somehow they never do teamBLD when I'm there. I'd recommend teamBLD. :)
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    US Nationals 2016 - July 29 - 31, Portland, Oregon

    Ahhhh gotchaaa. That's interesting
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    US Nationals 2016 - July 29 - 31, Portland, Oregon

    Awesome! But I'm laughing so hard right now. No feet? Woooooooooow lololol. Is it being removed? lol

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