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    Which 4x4 do you think is the best?

    I'm currently using the Aosu GTS M. I did, however, increase the magnet strength (by adding more magnets) on the outer layer since the default magnets are not strong enough for me.
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    Magnets thread

    You don't actually need to remove them. I just doubled the magnets to get the desired strength.
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    [Review] Gan 356 Air SM

    I used the Gan Air SM as my main for around 3 months, but after breaking it in it started to get sluggish and I just couldn't get it back to it's original feeling and performance no matter how many times I cleaned it. I even stopped getting the same times I used to get with it. When comparing it...
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    Heat-Weakening Magnets

    That is so cool! Thank you for sharing.
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    Bahrain Open 2017

    Hello Everyone! I'm proud to be organizing Bahrain's first speedcubing competition! Registration is now open on the WCA site: Competition site: Hoping we can get a good number of competitors!
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    Main Speed Cube Survey

    I use a Valk 3 M (self magnetized with N35 and N50).
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    Magnets thread

    Has anyone tried magnetizing the Thunderclap 4x4's? I have the mini one and I would like to magnetize it.
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    Sticker Material?

    The Cubicle uses Oracal 651 vinyl for regular shades and Oracal 6510 vinyl for the fluro shades. These can be found in various sites like eBay/Amazon/etc.
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    New Yuxin 3x3!

    I wonder if they're considering it a budget cube or a high-end cube. Although the price is a definitely the price of a budget cube.
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    GAN 356 Air SM

    He also clarifies it in this video:
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    Magnets thread

    I just attempted to magnetize my Yuxin Blue and it was a success! I wanted the feeling to be similar to the Cubicle's Wuque M with lighter magnets in the outer layers and stronger magnets in the inner layers. So these are the magnets I used: Inner Layers: 4x1.5mm N42's Outer Layers: 4x2mm...
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    New 2017 Rubik's Brand 2x2?

    For me personally definitely a main contender! So I don't see why not! I asked Gan himself, that was his response. It will be released under the partnership between Gan/Rubik. So most likely Rubik.
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    New 2017 Rubik's Brand 2x2?

    It'll be out within a month or two!
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    New 2017 Rubik's Brand 2x2?

    It has a unique feeling. Smooth and fast with no lockups. Sort of like a Dayan but not quite. It also had the GES nuts system.
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    New 2017 Rubik's Brand 2x2?

    Yes it's new! I tried it out at Worlds and it was amazing!! This is it: