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    Choosing the right set of cubes.

    I know this reply may be a bit late, but depending where you are in South Africa, you may be able to find a Hamleys Toy Store that stocks a limited range of cubes. I live in Gauteng, and I know the one in Sandton does, and the Menlyn one did last time I was there. I don't know about the Cape...
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    Tutorial: 4x4 Hoya variant for ZZ solvers

    I agree. I generally do go for one of the cross edges unless there's an obvious easy case. It's easier for lookahead to have some idea what you're looking for before you see it. I usually just dive into chain pairing with whatever edge is in uFR, and then once the first two edges are paired...
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    Distraction at competitions with record?

    Technically, all of them should be aware of it. The problem is that even fewer competitors seem to be aware of this regulation: 2t) Each competitor must be familiar with and understand the WCA Regulations before the competition. It's probably worth pointing out other regulations that are...
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    Speedcube Mech Generation model?

    I think this mostly works, but the one big thing I disagree on is that I feel that cubes like the Cong's Design Meiying, the first Gans 356, and the Moyu Tanglong had brand new revolutionary features such as corners squared of with wings, and contoured centres that slide under the corners that...
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    Graphing solves

    Any timer that let's you copy your time out will work. You can then copy them into any software to plot graphs. I used to do that, but now I have an automated system which extracts the times directly from Prisma on my computer and PlusTimer on my phone, links directly to the WCA database and...
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    Random Cubing Discussion

    Can you give an example? I'm familiar with those terms as logical fallacies but I don't think I've seen them used in the context of puzzles. Ok, I tested out my Google before posting, and I found a post where someone refers to what some call "parity" involving a twisted single-coloured corner...
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    Probability Thread

    Depends. This is impossible to calculate since its impossible to know what the underlying distribution of your solves are. If you are very consistent then the chances of this happening are really high. If you are so consistent that you usually get the same times every solve, then the chances of...
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    How Much is a Shengshou 4x4 V1 Worth?

    My guess is, depending on condition, $4 or $5.
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    One-Answer WCA Competition and Regulations Question Thread

    It doesn't have to be argued. It's written clearly in the guidelines: A6e+) CLARIFICATION If the puzzle falls into the lap of the competitor after stopping the timer, this is considered touching the puzzle. The penalty for the cube touching the timer isn't in the regulations any more, anyway...
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    WCA/Competition Website Errors

    It sounds like you already have an account (which is very likely if you've got an ID - you likely used the account to register for your first competition), but the WCA ID doesn't get linked automatically. Try signing in with your email address instead of the WCA ID. Once you've signed in, you'll...
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    ZBLL trainer

    All of the links work for me
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    ZZ-CT Thread

    The images used to be generated by which also used to generate the images for algdb. It seems that's not up at the moment. The easiest alternative is to paste the algorithms into to see which case they solve. I had an alg sheet, but it has...
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    Getting sick from competitions

    My fiance is a kindergarten teacher. By the time I get to a comp, I've already been exposed to every strain of flu for the season and built up an immunity.
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    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    It means less than x. So someone talks of sub zero temperatures, they mean temperatures below zero degrees. If they talk about sub 20 second solves, then they mean solves that were less than 20 seconds.
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    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    Any particular reason? What do you like most about the beginners method you're currently using? What do you like least? Which of the big 4 have you tried? Did you like or dislike anything about them? In addition to the big 4, the other methods that are worth considering are these 3. There are...