TuRBo is a 3x3x3 blindfold solving method for edges invented by Erik Akkersdijk. The idea is similar to Classic Pochmann and M2, in which pieces are solved using conjugates. The most prominent feature of TuRBo is that two pieces are solved at a time through the use of 3-cycles. It is also possible to solve the corners in the same manner but no guide is published on the net so far (Kai Jiptner uses TuRBo for corners).

The buffer is the U sticker of the UF edge and you setup the two shooting positions to UR/RU and UL/LU and then apply one of eight possible 3-cycle ELL (two are U-PLL a and b).


Kai Jiptner: "Erik came up with this term because Rama was always using the word turbo in terms of good cubing. So when Erik came up with his idea (it was while chatting with me actually) he decided to call this new blind method "Turbo" (he was tired of those boring/confusing combinations of letters). I said so that'd be TuRBo: "The Ruling/Reigning Blindmethod". That's why you should never ignore the capitals. It actually combines a fancy name and a letter abbreviation."

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