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This page is about the 3x3 beginner method. For a list of 3x3 beginner methods, see.

The Beginner Method Method
Information about the method
Alt Names: The method for everybody
No. Steps: 4
No. Algs:
Avg Moves:

The Beginner Method is a 3x3 beginner method. It is also known as the Method for everybody after its popularization in France by the website ("Méthode pour tous" means "Method for everybody"). The Beginner Method is one of the most dominant 3x3 beginner method.

Naming Dispute and Confusion

"The Beginner Method" is often badly use to designate this method. An other name as "Method for everybody" has been proposed, but the method is still mostly known as "The Beginner Method".

The steps

1. Cross

Main Article : cross

Cross Make a cross on one side by solving all edges of a given color. Align the edges with the second-layer centers. Variant : For beginners, cross can be done in 2 steps (see Daisy).

2. Finish the 1st layer

Main Article : Corners XG

You have to finish the 1st layer. For each of the 4 corners, you have to look after it on the 3rd layer and then insert it on the right place with the right orientation. if the corner is already on the 1st Layer but in a bad way, just insert an an other corner at this place sothat it comes to the 3rd layer.

3. Build the 2nd layer

Main Article : Std LBL edges

4. Build the Last Layer

Main Article : BLL

BLL with 4 Looks


  • This method is very easy to understand and to learn when compared to other methods.
  • Therefore, it is a very popular method around beginners, especially in France (and maybe other countries).
  • It has a low number of algorithms to learn with many mnemotechnics.
  • Sub 40 seconds are possible.
  • It takes less thinking than block-building methods because it's more algorithm based.


  • It has a slightly higher move count when compared to other methods.
  • The method is quite slow when compared to non-beginner methods.

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