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Variants: CMLL, TCLL
No. Algs: 128 (86 for only TCMLL)
Avg Moves: 10.54 [1]
Previous state: Roux Blocks with DFR twisted cube state
Next state: LSE cube state

Roux Blocks with DFR twisted cube state -> TCMLL step -> LSE cube state

The TCMLL step is the step between the Roux Blocks with DFR twisted cube state and the LSE cube state.

TCMLL is a method for solving the last four corners in Roux when the First two blocks are finished but the DFR corner is twisted. It was inspired by TCLL for 2x2. Similarly to CMLL, it doesn't preserve the edges in U and M.

TCMLL is also used in the WaterRoux method, for which Neuro has developed a list of algorithms. [2]



  • 86 additional algorithms
  • Not as optimized as CMLL

Tyrannical Caterpillar

Tyrannical Caterpillar is a variant to TCMLL which was developed in 2017 by Jules Manalang. Instead of only solving the four U layer corners and orienting the DFR edge, it solves the DF edge as well. This means that after second block square, only the DFR corner needs to be inserted in any orientation (compared to a pair in Roux). This is achieved by inserting M moves during the TCMLL algorithm to solve the missing edge.

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