Jules Manalang

Jules Manalang
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Jules Manalang
Background Information
Alias(es): Waffle, Waffo
Country: USA
Born: 17 July 1992 (age 27)
Occupation(s): Student
Years Active: 2008-present
WCA ID: 2008MANA02
Claim to Fame: Using Roux

Jules Manalang (more commonly Waffle or Waffo) is an American speedcuber from New Jersey and currently resides in Buffalo, New York. He is a prominent Roux user.

Waffle has been a guest on the CubeCast Podcast Season 1 and Season 2 as well as one of the current hosts of CubeCast 2.0.

Waffle is now working at TheCubicle.us manages customer service.

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