Slice Turn Metric

The slice turn metric (STM) is a metric for the 3x3x3 where any turn of any layer, by any angle, counts as one turn. This differs from HTM in that a slice move counts as one turn, not two. And it differs from the ATM in that it does not include anti-slice turns and other axial turns.

Cube rotations do not count as turns. STM is a very popular metric for those who use methods with many slice turns (such as Roux) although the official Fewest Moves event uses HTM.

The following algorithm would count as 10 turns STM: r2 U R' U' M U R U' R' r' (an edge 3-cycle on the front face).

God's Number in Slice Turn Metric is between 18 and 20 moves, but the exact number has not yet been proven.

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