Anthony Snyder

Anthony Snyder
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Background Information
Alias(es): Tony Snyder
Country: USA
Born: 1964 (age 54–55)
Occupation(s): !
Years Active: 1981-present
Claim to Fame: Snyder Method

Anthony Snyder (more commonly known as Tony Snyder), is an American speedcuber. He is the inventor of the Snyder Method for 3x3 speedsolving and the proposer of the Snyder Metric.

Tony claims to have "remained approximately the fastest in the world from 1983 through 2004." However Chris Hardwick notes that "it was later discovered that he practiced using 13 move scrambles, which would lend him a slight advantage over others using longer scrambles."[1]


His personal history can be found on his website.

Tony Snyder wrote: "In 1983 I set the world record for unassisted play on a video game called Q*Bert at a place called Showbiz Pizza in Minneapolis. I decided to solve the cube before starting and then again after, just to see what condition my mind would get to. Before starting the game I solved the cube in 31 seconds (early am, bad time). Then I spent half the week playing Q*Bert non-stop, finishing after 57 hours of continuous play and no sleep. I was awake for 3 hours before it started. So after 60 hours of no sleep I then solved the cube in 25 seconds. They showed some of this on local TV, and they did a write-up in March 1984 Electronic Games Magazine. BTW, I unexpectedly went colorblind for about 30 minutes during play, then recovered - lost about 300 Q*Berts during that time, but I had over 800 saved up so it was no big deal."

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