QJ 4x4x4

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Ratings for QJ 4x4x4
Based on 5 ratings
Smoothness/Speed: 9.4
Lockup Resistance: 8.6
Cutting Corners: 8.4
Pop Resistance: 8.7
Quietness: 7.4
Reliability: 4.5
Weight: unknown
Overall: 8.7

The QJ 4x4 is a 4x4x4 cube from QJ produced c. 2010. It is very similar to the Mefferts brand, only its turning is a lot more "fluid". When it is bought, it's already very good and doesn't lock up at all, but with a bit of use, it get's even better. A smaller 6cm version of the QJ 4x4x4 (Mini QJ or miniQJ) can also be bought. The miniature version may be better suited to cubers with smaller hands. This is a very good cube and is a probably one of the best 4x4x4s on the market.

QJ 4x4x4 and Box

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