Pizel method

Pizel method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Alexandre Philiponet
Proposed: 2011
Alt Names: La m├ęthode Pizel
No. Steps:
No. Algs:
Avg Moves: unknown
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Scrambled cube -> Cross on left -> Place left corners -> TF2L -> 2-Look OLL -> PLL -> Solved cube

Pizel method is a method based on CFOP with Cross on left and easier F2L and easier OLL.

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Pizel method is a 3x3 method proposed by Alexandre Philiponet in 2011.

The steps

1. Cross on left

Main Article : Cross on left

Make a cross on the left side by solving all edges of a given color. Align the edges with the second-layer (M) centers.

2. Place left corners

Main Article : Cross on left:Place left corners

Place left corners (no orientation). As the cross is done in the left, this step is easily fingertrickable : < R, U, l >

3. TF2L

Main Article : TF2L

Put the first face on down (z') and then solve F2L. There are fewer cases than usual F2L since corners are already placed. See F2L 25 to 30 and 37 to 42

4. 2-Look OLL

Main Article : 2-Look OLL

5. PLL

Main Article : PLL

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