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Myau method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): teri
Proposed: 2020
Alt Names: "Rau? Raux? Yaux? Youx? Raux?"
Variants: none
No. Steps: 5/6
No. Algs: unknown
Avg Moves: unknown

Myau is a big cube reduction method suited for users of the Roux method on 3x3. It was created and mainly suited for 4x4 but can be used on larger order cubes very easily. It is very similar to the Meyer method (and arguably closer to Yau) with the only difference that after creating 2 opposite centers, a 3/4 cross is created on one of the centers rather than full FB. This allows all 4 slots to be used for edge pairing, more like Yau and less like Meyer's 2 slots. Then during or after edge pairing, the FB corners are inserted, afterwards the 3x3 stage is the same as Meyer.


  1. Solve 2 opposite centers
  2. Solve a 3/4 cross on one of the built centers
  3. Solve the remaining 4 centers
  4. Pair up the remaining dedges while inserting FB corners (done using eo recognition and f2l solutions)
  5. Do last of 3x3 stage (SB, CMLL, LSE) with Roux


  • All 4 slots are available for edge pairing
  • Less rotations and u's to adjust for edge pairing, allowing for more efficient edge pairing solutions
  • All the advantages of Yau while using a more efficient method for 3x3 sage


  • EO recognition for f2l (the same recognition for pseudoslotting) is hard, and due to this is can be hard to lookahead during the last edge cycle to solve the dedges and insert the corners
  • Some find M slices hard on big cubes

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