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Monkey League (Formerly MonkeyLeague, commonly shortened to ML) is an online speedcubing tournament organized by Phillip Lewicki(Lazer0Monkey).

Monkey League features head-to-head 3x3 Rubik's cube matches between world-class speedcubers all over the world, competing for the title of Monkey League Champion. Sponsored by TheCubicle and donors, Monkey League comes with a total prize pool of $1300+. There have already been 4 seasons of 3x3 Rubik's cube Monkey League, with a total of 11 competitors.

Matches are often joined by other famous speedcubers with the host, Phillip Lewicki, who provides commentary on the match and does interviews with the competitors together. All matches are streamed LIVE on twitch and then later uploaded to YT. All matches are accompanied by international volunteers to work as judges to check the scrambles and time the inspection for competitors.


Phillip Lewicki-

  • "I've been thinking about making something like this for years. It’s long been my goal to create and promote speedcubing as a spectator sport. Then, in late April 2020, during one of my Twitch streams, I started to feel unmotivated to cube and spontaneously organized a best of 100 matches with Luke Griesser, who was in the chat. During that match, Patrick Ponce, also in the chat, challenged the winner. Soon Tymon Kolasiński reached out and faced Luke, then Patrick. Then Feliks Zemdegs challenged the winner, Tymon. After Feliks lost, Leo Borromeo joined, looking to “avenge the boys”. It was during the planning for Tymon vs Leo that I realized it was time to formalize these matches into a league of top competitors, competing for the fun and challenge of racing the world’s fastest speedcubers and the title of Monkey League Champion. The specific format and organization of the league have evolved but at its core, it’s still a community driven by the desire of top speedcubers to hang out and compete with each other."

List of Monkey League seasons

List of Monkey League competitors(normal seasons only)

List of Monkey League Champions

Common phrases used

  • Tetris: a sub-5-second solve
  • Tris: a sub-4-second solve
  • BOOM Tetris: after a sub-5-second solve, "Boom Tetris" is often yelled by the commentators
  • Leaving the door WIDE open: Not performing well and giving the opponent a high chance to win the solve
  • Clutch: represents that extreme moment of winning a game

List of Monkey League Commentators and interviewers


Iconic moments

  • Tymon's 3.43 full step sub WR single
  • Tymon's 3.98 single
  • Tymon's 3 4s in a row
  • Tymon's 5.14 former YTUWR average
  • Tymon's 4.51 winning Leo's 4.68
  • Leo's 4.03 winning Tymon's 5.53 with same solution
  • Leo's 3.75 single
  • Leo's 3.57 during break
  • Matty's 3.89 full step
  • Ruihang's 4.23 set median
  • Matty's 3.12 Fullstep Monkey League Record Single
  • S4 Grand finales 4 2-2 4 season point.

Community response

Stanley Chapel- "Monkey League is one of the best things to happen to cubing in a long time."

External links

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