Method Development Competition August 2020

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Method Development Competition August 2020 is the first of the Method Development Competition online events. In this competition six teams competed to create the fastest 3x3 speedsolving method. There were three categories in the poll - Best Overall Method, Best for FMC, and Most Original. EBBP was voted by the community as the winner of the competition.

The steps for each method on this page are described using NBRS[1] block notation.

Developed Methods

EBBP (Overall competition winner)

Team Members: RadicalMacaroni, MichaelZRC, AlphaCuber is awesome, Sosimomonon, and Username: Username:


  1. Orient all edges and solve the dbl 2x2x2
  2. Solve the dFl square
  3. dbR square and the DFR corner
  4. Finish option 1: Place FR edge while orienting the U layer corners. Then finish with PLL.
  5. Finish option 2: Solve all LL corners using COLL then use L5EP

Square-101 (Winner of Best for FMC and also Most Original Method)

Team Members: trangium, Jam88, shower, and Tipster Trickster


  1. Orient all edges and place the FL and BL edges. This creates EOLine on the left side of the cube.
  2. Create a 1x2x2 consisting of U/D layer colors on the U layer
  3. Create a "pseudopair" consisting of an E layer edge and a corner with the U or D layer color facing away from the edge. Connect this to the 1x2x2 from the previous step.
  4. Create a 1x2x3 consisting of U/D layer colors on the D layer
  5. Orient remaining corners to face U/D while simultaneously placing the final two E layer edges
  6. Create two corner and edge pairs on the D layer in the back
  7. Permute the remaining six corners
  8. Solve the UL and UR edges
  9. Permute the M slice edges and adjust the U and D layers if they are offset

Yellow Bird

Team Members: nuclearaven, WarriorCatCuber, Caden, slowhandzboi, and LeumaZZ


  1. Solve the dbl 2x2x2
  2. Solve the dFr square and position the square at dFl
  3. dbR square
  4. Build the pair that belongs at dFL and place it above the square that was placed at dFl then do an F' move. Or do an F' move then solve the dFL pair.
  5. Solve the last layer using any last layer method


Team Members: PapaSmurf


  1. Solve the D layer
  2. Solve three E layer edges using commutators or algorithms
  3. Solve the U layer corners
  4. Last five edges

2 Square

Team Members: Humble Cuber, Micah Morrison, Owen Morrison, and Nmile7300


  1. Solve the dbL and dbR squares
  2. Orient all remaining edges while placing the dFL pair
  3. Place the dFR pair
  4. COLL
  5. Permute the six remaining edges


Team Members: moh_33, PetrusQuber, kubesolver, TheSlykrCubr, and CyoobietheCuber


  1. Solve the dbl 2x2x2
  2. Solve the Ubl square
  3. dR 1x2x3
  4. Orient all remaining edges while solving the dFl square
  5. Solve the remaining three corners and two edges using a single algorithm

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