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Method Development Competition - August 2020


Jul 25, 2006
Click Here for the Results!

Welcome everyone to the first method development competition! In this competition teams will compete to create the best 3x3 speedsolving method. At the end of the competition, the community will vote on which method they think is the best. To sign up, post here to let us know that you are interested and join the Method Debate and Discussion Discord server linked at the bottom of this post. The Discord server is where most of the discussion will occur.

Competition Start: Saturday, August 22 at 10 P.M. GMT

Competition End: Saturday, September 12 at 10 P.M. GMT


1. The method must be intended for speedsolving. The goal should be to create a method that is equal to or faster than the most popular methods right now. Don’t focus too much on creating a method that averages 30 moves per solve. But also avoid having your team's method average 70 moves. Find a method that has the perfect balance of move-count, ergonomics, and the ability for humans to actually use it in a speedsolve.

2. Don't use a method that you've posted in the "New Method" thread or anywhere else. Try to be original. It will be a more interesting method if it isn’t a simple variation of an already existing method. The purpose is also to create a complete method, not a new substep.

3. Your team must provide accurate numbers. If your method has a step that requires an algorithm, your team must provide the exact number of cases for that step. Generating the algorithms for these steps would also go a long way toward showing the move count and ergonomics. It would also be appreciated by the community that is voting for one of the teams.

4. Your team must provide at least three example solves. These example solves must be clearly separated with the scramble and each step defined. You can provide this through text or by using alg.cubing.net.

5. Your team will not be allowed to see what the other teams are developing. This will be accomplished through channels on the Discord server. Your team will be placed into its own channel and won't have the permissions to view the messages on the channels of the other teams. All team discussion will occur in the team channel. Only share ideas with your team and avoid sharing your ideas in this thread.

The number of teams and team members will be decided after all of the volunteers are in. The end date for the competition will be decided once the teams are created. Your team can decide upon a team name before starting. At the end of the competition, submit all documents or messages directly to me. Please don't post your finished products to this thread. Also avoid including team or member names in any products. In the voting poll, the teams that created the method will be anonymous. The link to the poll will be shared both here and on Discord. A list of useful resources has been provided at the bottom of this post. Below is the link to the Discord server. Good luck!

Useful Resources:

SpeedSolving Wiki (to research what already exists)
Method and States Map (same purpose as above)
Google Sheets
Google Docs
Algorithm Translator
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