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Hawaiian Kociemba method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Michael Ezrokhi, Brayden Mossey, Alex Maass
Proposed: 2016
Alt Names: HK
Variants: Original, CP+EO, COLL, L5E, Petrus Variation, Hawaiian Roux, Hawaiian CFOP
No. Steps: Original Variation: 4 (EO Arrow, DougLi Block, HKOLL, HKPLL)
No. Algs: Original Variation:
Arrow: 0
F2L: 0
HKOLL: 114
HKPLL: 149
Total: 263
Avg Moves: Original variant: ~43 STM, ~45.33 HTM

All variants: ~38.58 STM, ~40.08 HTM



The Hawaiian Kociemba method was inspired by fake solves done by Michael Ezrokhi (alias Michael Humuhumunukunukuapua'a).

Hawaiian Kociemba is a 3x3x3 Speedsolving method with a very low average move count of 40. It has several variations, one of which has a 14 algorithm 2LLL. The method was derived from an April Fools' Day video by TheCubicle.us uploaded on March 31, 2016. But, it has surprisingly turned out to be not too bad of a method. Brayden Mossey (wir3sandfir3s) originally made the forum post as a theory of what the method could be, from a single solve reconstruction. The method has been proven to be quite effective, and he has since added variations and more algorithms.


How to solve using the original variant of HK:
1. EO Arrow: Basically the same as a regular cross in CFOP, CFCE, and other similar methods, except one of the cross pieces may be missing and the edges are oriented like they are in the ZZ method's EOLine.
2. F2L -1 edge: Make a DougLi block with only <RUL> moves. In other words, solve all of the first two layers, excluding the missing cross piece while only using RUL moves. It is OK if the missing cross piece is unintentionally (or intentionally) solved.
3. HKOLL: Perform 1 of 114 algorithms in order to orient all 9 remaining pieces (5 edges, 4 corners) correctly.
4. HKPLL: Perform 1 of 149 algorithms in order to permute all 9 of those remaining pieces (5 edges, 4 corners) correctly, which puts the cube back to the solved position.

Other variants of the Hawaiian Kociemba method can be found on the original forum post here.


  • Although this is a decent method, almost no one in the cubing community used it.

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