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Proposer(s): Michael Ezrokhi, Brayden Mossey, Alex Maass
Proposed: 2016
Alt Names:
Variants: OLL
No. Algs: 114 (including 57 OLL)
Avg Moves:
Purpose(s): Speedsolving
Previous state: F2L-1E (DF) cube state
Next state: HKPLL cube state

F2L-1E (DF) cube state -> HKOLL step -> HKPLL cube state

The HKOLL step is the step between the F2L-1E (DF) cube state and the HKPLL cube state.

HKOLL is a step used in Hawaiian Kociemba where you orient the last layer and the DF edge. This is usually followed by HKPLL.

There are 114 algorithms in this set, including OLL. Recognition is similar to OLL recognition, except that an odd number of flipped edges on the top is possible.

  • Cubingcubecuber's algs[1]

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