Alt Names: Human Thistlethwaite Algorithm First Step
Variants: 3OP EO (Flip2+Setup), EO (noline), 3OP EO (MU*)
No. Algs:
Avg Moves:
Purpose(s): FMC
Previous state: Scrambled cube state
Next state: Edges Oriented cube state

Scrambled cube state -> HTA G1 step -> Edges Oriented cube state

The HTA G1 step is the step between the Scrambled cube state and the Edges Oriented cube state.

'HTA G1, or Human Thistlethwaite Algorithm First Step refers to the part of a solve that orient all the edges of a scrambled 3x3x3 cube. The next cube state of this step is the Edges Oriented cube state, also called HTA G1 cube state.

Tips for FMC

  • You should try variations in EO in order to hae the best continuation for edges / corners.
  • If you have different possibilities, use the one which place some U/D edges on U/D face.
  • With the final F or B face move, you may place remaining edges on their slices.
  • You can adjust U/D faces by a simple L or R move to solve two U/D edges .

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