3OP EO (MU*)

3OP EO (MU*)
Alt Names:
Variants: 3OP EO (Flip2+Setup), HTA G1, EO (noline)
No. Algs:
Avg Moves:
Previous state: Scrambled cube state
Next state: Edges Oriented cube state

Scrambled cube state -> 3OP EO (MU*) step -> Edges Oriented cube state

The 3OP EO (MU*) step is the step between the Scrambled cube state and the Edges Oriented cube state.

3OP EO (MU*) refers to the part of a solve that orient all the edges of a scrambled 3x3x3 cube. The next cube state of this step is the Edges Oriented cube state, also called HTA G1 cube state.

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