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East Sheen Industrial Co., Ltd.
Founded: 1981
Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Years Active: 1981-Present
Areas served: Worldwide
Website: [1]
Products: 2x2 cubes, 4x4 cubes, 5x5 cubes, Mini cubes, Multi cubes

East Sheen (or Eastsheen) is a puzzle manufacturer based in Taiwan founded by Chen Sen Li. They specialized in developing Magic Cubes (commonly known as Eastsheen cubes), which are similar to Rubik's Cubes. Magic cubes are meant to have a higher quality and to move smoother and faster than regular Rubik's Cubes. They are also much lighter, smaller and cheaper however Eastsheen cubes have the habit to lock up sometimes. You can easily recognize Eastsheen cubes by their purple/pink face, which is orange on a regular cube.

Eastsheen cubes come in three different formats: the 2×2 cube, the 4×4 cube and the 5×5 cube. Apart from Magic Cubes East Sheen also produces mini cubes and multi cubes. East Sheen does not produce 3×3 cubes.


2×2×2 Cube

Ratings for Eastsheen 2x2x2
Based on 7 ratings
Smoothness/Speed: 8.57
Lockup Resistance: 6.0
Cutting Corners: 3.86
Pop Resistance: 10.0
Quietness: 6.86
Reliability: 8.43
Weight: 64g
Overall: 8.21

Eastsheen 2×2 cubes are light and move smooth. Their corner cutting ability isn't great at first, but once well broken-in and lubricated they cut corners fairly well. Eastsheen offered four different 2×2×2 types: type A, C, E and M. Their specifications are shown below.

Eastsheen 2×2 type E
Type A Type C Type E Type M
Size: 5 cm3 5,3 cm3 5 cm3 9 cm3
Weight: 64 grams 73 grams 110 grams 130 grams


4×4×4 Cube

Ratings for Eastsheen 4x4x4
Based on 6 ratings
Smoothness/Speed: 8.83
Lockup Resistance: 5.67
Cutting Corners: 3.17
Pop Resistance: 8.83
Quietness: 7.92
Reliability: 7.67
Weight: 111g
Overall: 7.5

The Eastsheen 4×4 cube was used by quite a lot of people and was one of the most popular 4×4 cubes. Compared to the Rubik's Cube they moved much smoother (hardly needing any lubrication) and were lighter. However, Eastsheen 4×4 cubes were prone to lock-ups, and had very fragile cores. It is said that they can cut corners fairly well once they are broken in. This cube is significantly smaller than the Rubik's brand cube. There were five different types available: type A, C, E, M and P. Their specifications are shown below.

Eastsheen 4×4 type E
Type A Type C Type E Type M Type P
Size: 6 cm3 6,3 cm3 6 cm3 11 cm3 11,3 cm3
Weight: 111 grams 129 grams 170 grams 200 grams 260 grams


All Eastheen 4×4 types also had a Do-It-Yourself function, which made it easy to disassemble the cube and configure it. Care is needed as some stated that it did not perform as good after reassembling.


5×5×5 Cube

Ratings for Eastsheen 5x5x5
Based on 6 ratings
Smoothness/Speed: 9.5
Lockup Resistance: 4.83
Cutting Corners: 3.5
Pop Resistance: 8.5
Quietness: 7.75
Reliability: 7.17
Weight: 121g
Overall: 7.44

The Eastsheen 5×5 cube is the same size as the Eastsheen 4×4 and also moves as smoothly. Eastsheen 5x5s tended to be very smooth and easy to turn, but they did not cut corners as well as either of their other two types, and the cube tended to become very loose over time. Being as small as the 4x4 it is the smallest of the main 5x5 brands. This cube is difficult to get fast times with because it locks up a lot. Like the Eastsheen 4x4, it also has a fragile core.

There are five types available:

Eastsheen 5×5 type E
Type A Type C Type E Type M Type P
Size: 6 cm3 6,3 cm3 6 cm3 11 cm3 11,3 cm3
Weight: 121 grams 141 grams 180 grams 210 grams 270 grams


Like the 4×4, the Eastsheen 5×5 is easy to disassemble.


Mini Cubes

Eastsheen mini cubes are 2×2 cubes with a smaller size than regular ones. There are two types: the S type and the R types. The S type is a regular mini cube while the R types contain keychains.

Eastsheen2x2Mini.png Eastsheen2x2RS.png Eastsheen2x2RS-1.png Eastsheen2x2RS-3.png Eastsheen2x2RS-6.png
S RS RS-1 RS-3 RS-6

Multi Cubes

Eastsheen multicubes are 2×2 cubes assembled to each other. Again there are two different types: the S types and the R types. The S types contain normal multi cubes (2 to 4) and the R types contain multi cubes (2) with keychains assembled to them.

Eastsheen2x2SD.png Eastsheen2x2ST.png Eastsheen2x2SQ.png Eastsheen2x2RD.png Eastsheen2x2RDA.png Eastsheen2x2RDB.png

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