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This category contains information on the different mass-produced brands of the most commonly solved (non NxNxN cube) puzzles.


  • Meffert's Pyraminx - Most cubers use the Meffert's brand Pyraminx, which can be purchased at online store. They have two models, the original Pyraminx and the Pyraminx II, which is an improved version of the original.
  • QJ Pyraminx - A cheaper brand of Pyraminx. Like the mefferts pyraminx, it has a ball bearing clicking mechanism, so it is not well suited for speedcubing without modding.
  • Chinese knock-offs - There are some Chinese knock-offs available at other sites such as Cube4You and DealExtreme
  • DaYan pyraminx
  • MoYu Pyraminx
  • Shengshou Pyraminx
  • Qiyi Pyraminx
  • Mozhi Pyraminx
  • Fanxin Pyraminx


  • Moyu Skewb
  • ShengShou skewb
  • LanLan skewb
  • QJ skewb
  • Qiyi Skewb
  • Fanxin Skewb
  • Mozhi Skewb
  • Mefferts Skewb


  • Meffert's Megaminx - Sold at Meffert's online shop. These are generally considered to be the best Megaminx, but are fairly expensive and are often out of stock, making them less accessable than the Chinese brands.
  • MF8 Megaminx
  • QJ Megaminx
  • Chinese Megaminxes - Chinese versions of the Megaminx (often referred to as "Chinaminxes") are sold at Cube4You and other online sellers of Chinese cube puzzles.
  • YJ YuHu Megaminx
  • ShengShou megaminx
  • Dayan Megaminx
  • XMAN Galaxy Megaminx
The tiled Chinese Megaminx has a mechanism that clicks faces into alignment, just like the QJ Pyraminx. Because of this, it is not very well suited for speedsolving without modifications.
The PVC Megaminx is a clone of the Edison Megaminx. It is considerably smoother than the tiled Chinese Megaminx and is comparable to the Meffert's Megaminx after lubing and tuning.
New Tiled Megaminx


  • MF8 Ball core Square-1(V2)
  • MF8 Screw Spring core Square-1(V1)
  • Cubetwist Square-1
  • Calvin's Square-1
  • Qiyi Square-1
  • Yj Guanlong Square-1
  • Shengshou Square-1


  • Rubik's Magics - Rubik's was the first company to produce Magics, and because of this most Magics on the market come from that company.
  • Cubetwist Magics
  • Lingao Magics
  • DIY Magics - Some Chinese shops, such as Cube4You, sell DIY magic kits, which come with tiles and string and require the buyer to print out paper inserts and then assemble the puzzle themselves. These types of Magics have a very wide variety of tightnesses, and can end up either too tight to stay flat or so loose that wires often pop off.


  • Rubiks Clock
  • Cubetwist Clock
  • Lingao Clock
  • BaiTai Clock

Rubik's Twist (Snake)

Rubik's original and worse copies are avaiable.

Rubik's 360

Manufactured by Rubik's only.