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Shantou Chenghai Diansheng Toys Co., Ltd.
Founded: 2009
Location: China
Years Active: 2009-present
Areas served: Worldwide
Website: [1]
Products: 2x2x2, 3x3x3, Mini 3x3x3

DianSheng are a manufacturer known for their Type-E 3x3x3 cube and other puzzles.


2x2x2 Cube

Only sold in white. Used a screw-spring mechanism. These cubes were often used by beginners because of its ability not to overshoot or lockup as much as the Eastsheen. The screw/spring structure provided good corner cutting and stability.

Diansheng 2x2x2

3x3x3 Cube "Type-E" (Released c. 2008)

Ratings for Type-E
Based on 6 ratings
Smoothness/Speed: 9.25
Lockup Resistance: 5.5
Cutting Corners: 5.83
Pop Resistance: 9.33
Quietness: 5.0
Reliability: 8.25
Weight: 84g
Overall: 7.33

Type E cubes are known as Diansheng (or DS) cubes. Out of the box they were quite bad, but after lubing with silicone they became much better. One problem was that they were somewhat prone to locking up, due to the very cubic cubies. There are two types of DS cubes, no.222 and no.333. Rather than stickers, the Diansheng no.333 has the colors painted onto the sides of the cube. The color scheme is a mirrored version of the Western color scheme. The no.222 has regular stickers. Both of the painted and stickered types have different cubies. Because of their very light weight, and very loose, smooth turning; DS 3x3x3's were often used in One-Handed cubing.

Type-E no.222
Type-E no.333

Mini 3x3x3

Ratings for Mini DS
Based on 5 ratings
Smoothness/Speed: 9.2
Lockup Resistance: 6.8
Cutting Corners: 6.2
Pop Resistance: 8.64
Quietness: 7.16
Reliability: 8.2
Weight: unknown
Overall: 8.5

45mm cube, larger than the Maru Mini, but smaller than the Mini-C.

Mini DS

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