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WRs 2023


Jan 9, 2014
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I'm pretty sure abijeet is the only person in the world who has ever taken up the task of using 5-style in solves.
Not really.

There are 200 discord members in the 5-style group who help me in increase the quality of algs.

By quality I mean understandability and fingertrickability.

Some of them if they learn up cases themselves would be ready to use UF5 in their solves as well.
Oct 3, 2022
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I made a spreadsheet of my predicition of 2023 WRs. If anyone is interested in looking at it, they can find it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Nz13alAuEQZDMpp1Ojbwrrh8-JSoZZnZu1jFk0TEnBI/edit?usp=sharing

Also I made a google form on what other people think the WRs will be at the end of 2023: https://forms.gle/JvhnDipLPiFsLBpx7

Edit: this is your last chance to fill it out. Only two days left!

Note: please try to make entries into the google form possible. There is someone who put in that the WR Average for 3x3 One-Handed will be 8.65 by Max Park but not Patrick, which is not possible to happen. Someone also put in a FMC single of 4 which isn't impossible, but is effectively impossible, and there are a few other examples, like a 59:98 Multi-blind time, and some more that I won't bother listing.

November 27th Update: I added a US Nationals section to the sheet and made a google form for it, too: https://forms.gle/jttf4ebzaFUeDjeH6
You can do this one as well.
i literally put random times but in 3x3 OH i think Sean Patrick Villanueva will get the OH wr, just not sure about the time lol
Nov 4, 2021
United States
Results of my WRs by the end of 2023 Google Form for 3x3 and 2x2 (I'm splitting this up so that it's more likely for people to read it, and so that I don't have to write this all at once):

3x3 Single:

13 people out of 39 who answered thought that Yusheng Du's 3.47 would stand. Out of the other 26, here are the other people who got votes:

Max Park 9
Tymon Kolasiński 7
Matty Hiroto Inaba 4
Luke Garrett 2
Carlos Méndez García-Barroso 1 (that one was just me)
Feliks Zemdegs 1
Ruihang Xu 1

And one person said Max or Tymon, so I didn't include it in the totals but I'm putting a note here. I find it interesting that the two average holders dominate so much, and that people really don't see anyone else at the top. People like Kyle Santucci and Kim Roger Hoyland Larsen have a very good chance to get a really great time, and it's interesting how pretty much everyone went with only huge names. Once again, 13 people said that Yusheng Du's 3.47 would stand, so I decided not to put that into consideration when calculating the mean of the results, and put that as seperate. One person who said Max Park also put in 3.47, which is impossible without Yusheng as well, so I left that out as well. I also left out a 3.2x, since that is unquantifiable. This makes the overall mean 3.28 seconds, so among the people who did not think Yusheng Du's world record would last, their responses mean to 3.28 seconds, which seems pretty low for what most people would estimate it to be. The highest non-3.47 time was 3.44, and the lowest was 3.94. 3.47 was the only time that got more than 3 votes. However, interestingly 3.32 got 3 votes, which is pretty random.

3x3 Average:

Seven people out of the 39 who voted thought that Tymon and Max would still be tied at 4.86. Out of the 32 who didn't, here are the people who got votes:

Tymon Kolasiński 25
Max Park 11
Matty Hiroto Inaba 2
Ruihang Xu 1

Note that seven people still voted for Tymon and Max, so Tymon individually only got 18 votes, and Max individually only got 4 votes. It is fascinating how dominating Tymon is, which is a big indicator that most people see him as best in the world, which I'd like to challenge from seeing Matty in person at Northeast Championship. Only three people voted for a non-current world record holder, and one of those is me. In terms of times, I will once again not include the 4.86s, since one part of the data is the number people who think the world record will stay, and the other is what people who think it will be broken expect. Out of the 32 sub-4.86s, one of them is 4.7x, which is once again unquantifiable, and once again will be omitted from the dataset. The mean of the 31 averages is 4.65, which is something that most would agree is pretty accurate. Out of the non-4.86s, the highest was 4.85, which has a likely chance of coming true based on a reputation... The lowest was 3.93, which is a very optimistic stretch, considering that only four official sub 4s ever have currently happened. Interestingly enough, 4.78 had 3 votes and 4.79 had four votes, making 4.78-9 have 7 votes, which makes it pretty clustered, and more so than for single. Single is statistically more likely to have single that have more people vote for since the numbers are smaller, so there's less of a range.

2x2 Single:

A bunch of people voted for Maciej's 0.49, which was beaten after I created the poll, but in 2022, so keep that in mind when looking at the results. Here is the list of the votes for name:

Zayn Khanani 15
Maciej Czapiewski 11
Guanbo Wang 9
Antonie Paterakis 1
Jack Bohning 1
Luke Garrett 1

Zayn is easily a top contender for 2x2 single and average, but really people seem to not be seeing other people. I voted for Antonie, and I'm sure that the person who voted for Jack Bohning was himself since I've never heard of him. Other than that, everybody voted for either the current 2x2 wr holder or Zayn, except for one vote. 2x2 WR single is the most luck based thing, and over a thousand people could easily get it, yet everyone seems to be picking someone on the very top, which I find astonishing. In terms of times, I will be disregarding the 11 people who voted for Maciej's 0.49, since that was beaten already. Four people voted for Zayn with a 0.47 before the wr got beaten, so I will keep those and think of it as Zayn being tied with Guanbo. In addition, 3 people voted for a 0.48 from Zayn, so I will be disregarding that, which leaves a dataset of 25. 9 said Guanbo Wang with a 0.47, so I will be taking that out of the set, making it 16, but three said Zayn with a 0.47, which I'll include in the dataset because they did think the wr would be broken, which now would mean being tied. The dataset now has many repeating values, which give a mean time of 0.44, which would be a pretty reasonable guess of a wr. The lowest guess was 0.37, one of only two sub-0.4s.

2x2 Average:

One person voted for Brian Johnson, and one for Yoav Vishne. Everybody else voted for Zayn Khanani, which makes sense. That was about 95% of voters, which surprisingly also makes sense in terms of what I feel the chances of him to have the WR, which I'd say would happen roughly 19/20 times. 8/39 people said that the 1.02 would stand, and everyone else entered a time that can be quantified, so there are 31 responses for a sub-1.02 wr. Interestingly, 10 people voted for 0.98. The mean of all of them (not including the 1.02s) is 0.97, with 0.87 from me being the only sub 0.9.

Here is a list of everything people entered into for Tymon for 3x3 WR Average:

Tymon Kolasiński and Max Park
Tymon Kolasiński
Tymon Kolasinksi
Tymon Kolasinski
Tymon Kolasinkski
Just tymon

Here is a list of everything people entered into for Zayn for 2x2 WR Single:

Zayn Khanani
Zayn Khannani
Zany Khanani
Zayn Banani
Zahn Kahnani

Based on this, I think there are two lessons we can learn from this:

1: People are really uncreative and expect the favorite, and even though when there are plenty of people who are roughly even, it'll usually be dominant to one specific one, and lack seeing the possibility of unexpectedness, always going to the expected.
2: We need to unite and pick ONE way to spell people's names.