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Why are cubers in India so slow?

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Akash Rupela

May 9, 2011
New Delhi, India, India
Dear Akash Rupela, I will definitely come in Feb to Delhi, St. Stephen's College for the MathSoc Championship. I hope to meet you.
Great to know, see you too :)

this right here makes me almost mad.
don't get me wrong,im a descent student and stuff like that,but whats the point of living if you don't have any joy in it?
is that even life?
speedcubing makes me happy,out of so many hours in the week i can set apart 3-4 for that.
ofcourse india is a whole different place,but from what i've read in this thread so far it seems like some sort of dystopia where they make kids into money making robots or smth
Of course i agree with you, there is not much point if you dont enjoy what you do but a majority(i feel better my parents are good with it) of parents here wont agree on that. Its just bad crowd mentality. Still, good thing is we are making steady progress, our records are much better than those stated in first post of the thread :)
Not open for further replies.