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What's your PB 3x3 single?


Sep 4, 2018
10.84, but I feel like I'm due for a really lucky sub-10 solve soon


Nov 30, 2018
46 seconds using cfop for f2l and a beginners method for last layer but i'm learning 2 look oll and pll


Dec 26, 2018
New member, should have joined a long time ago but I got out of solving for oh, the past 3 decades or so. :)

Originally purchased an Ideal Rubik's Cube (in the classic yellow interior packaging) back in late 1982, bought "The Simple Solution to Rubik's Cube" at a grocery cash register, solved it within a few hours of getting home with that book, and then just focused on making the methods of the solution committed to both mental and finger memory.

My PB 36 years ago was 23.4 seconds, guess I had a good scramble (a friend scrambled it up out of my visual range for 30+ seconds). Nothing official of course, never went to competitions, just never thought I was that good. I just checked a few days ago and discovered something I never knew in the past - the world record in 1982 at the world championship was just 22.95 (best time of 3 attempts) so, apparently I wasn't actually that far off the mark, go figure. Of course being in front of a crowd of people with cameras going off and the pressure would have surely hurt my performance so long ago but I still think - now that I know what the world competitors were managing in terms of solve times - I could have done rather well.

Anyway, considering that PB of mine was done with an original Rubik's Cube in early 1983, that's when I actually set the PB, I figured it was still a pretty amazing thing with such older "hardware" that I lubed up with some Vaseline and adjusted the tension slightly after disassembling it several times.

I recently found a Rubik's Cube (one of the newer models sold at rubiks.com) at a thrift store for 75 cents and figured why not. So I'm now going to get back into things just because it was something I have always been interested in. I found someone with the old Simple Solution book that was kind enough to scan it to a PDF file for me and sent it and of course now I'm solving again with that original solution (at least for me it was the original and it's still the only one that I know) and getting times in the ~50 second to 1 minute 5 second mark (median of 10 solves, not an average with dropping the fastest/slowest) - and realize this is with a really tight Rubik's branded cube that I haven't done much more than put some lip balm inside so far. Yeah, I know, not a great lubricant but it helps - I haven't bothered with taking it apart completely to get to the screws to adjust some tension on it, I'm just going to keep it in this condition as I'm going to get a much better cube for the future:

I'm going to be ordering a Gan 356 X here in a few days just because it's the one I want. Not going to bother ordering a bunch of other cubes at lower costs, I've read good/great reviews of the X so far and I'll see what happens. Never used a really seriously well made speed cube so this will be a brand new thing for me, and as I practice and learn both the CFOP and ROUX methods (and maybe some others), I suppose as time passes I'll get into a groove and see how it all works out.

If I can at some point in time beat that 23.4 second PB set 36 years ago, it'll be worth the time and the money I'm gonna spend. Hell, I could spend more than the $62 for the X on a good meal for my Wife and I so it's not a question of cost for me at this point, it's just something I've wanted to do for so long: do better than I did before.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. :)

Happy Holidays to all the members here and Happy Solving too...