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What should be fair cutoffs for competitions.


Feb 18, 2018
So after the recent competition I organized and having talked to some of the competitors and delegate, I am a bit more for stricter cutoff times for competitions. And here are some reasons (most of which the delegate mentioned) but that make sense. Also, these ideas are not fully mine, but rather just me relaying them to this thread.

1. It gets people to actually practice and try to get better (to make cutoff(, then just the mind set of "I am already sub 30 on Pyraminx, so I don't need to practice it much for the comp". But if the competitor sees that the cutoff for Pyraminx is 15 seconds, and he is averaging 17 then he might practice a little more to get sub cutoff.
In essence the point of this is to get people that are serious at getting better to get better and create a more competitive event(s), rather then just having the expected people make it to the finals like they do most of the time (and I am referring to local/smaller comps and not major one). HOWEVER, I do understand that some people have a harder time getting sub X on a certain event and just want to get a average so I don't have a issues if a organizer wants that, but as a whole I am more for harder cutoff's at comps, then making sure that everyone gets a average (without practicing much).

2. (And this feeds off of 1), but having easier cutoffs at competitions, will not allow you to have either has many events or as many rounds of the events you already have, which is fine if you as the organizer wants that, but again if you want to have more rounds/more events then having stricter cutoff times would be the best way to go.