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The Cubing Z-League


Aug 14, 2019
RIP again...
Unfortunately it had to happen.

Doing the leagues in this format in which competitors enter times which have to manually entered to spreadsheet and given points allocations in addition to visuals was something that unfortunately myself and Mo_A2244 wouldn't have been able to handle, with our various duties within cubing such as our reviews (a lot on the way) as well as the fact that we are working on a commercial game on the sidelines.

Myself and Mo_A2244 are currently working alongside the speedsolving team to help implement a league-style format to the already standing forum competition, which will hopefully get me motivated to continue working on web development. I will let you all know if that goes ahead and when you can take part. Thanks for all the support and we are glad that it gained the level of interest it did over such a short timeframe.