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Dec 18, 2007
a <script> tag near you
I solved the Square-2 in 228.52... I'm REALLY having trouble with the complete lack of cube rotations (seriously, add in x and y. I need them to find pieces because I don't like looking through the cube) and the fact that the default keys are just 1 and -1 turns (I can't get used to the 3 and -3 turns that I added, so it's very slow going).

Here's an idea for rotations: just have one state, and make it so cube rotations will just change your view of the puzzle. As someone who solves square-1 for (hopefully) speed I would much prefer the freedom to be able to rotate however I want and still do turns, than the "freedom" of being able to do an x2/y2/z2/\ and still be able to play with the cube (note: I will NEVER do those, except by accident). Being unable to do basic rotations probably wastes 30+ seconds' worth of trying to find stuff.

EDIT: It is exactly the same thing with the pyraminx, the applet is useless for speed without being able to do a "y" rotation (rotate around the top point), and I guess a "z" rotation (rotate around the front face) or "left x" and "right x" (rotate around right and left tips) would be useful too.

EDIT: 179.84 sq2...
EDIT: 146.27 sq2...
EDIT: 109.66 sq2...
EDIT: 93.64 sq2...
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