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Magnets in Square 1?

Dec 13, 2015
New York
I made a Qifa M with my own layout. Works amazingly.

I used a format which uses attracting poles to allign even numbers and repelling magnets for odd numbers.

Two magnets in each edge, one attracted to the middle magnets, one repelling, in each corner.

Eight triple stacks of magnets in the middle slice for layer allignment.

The slice is barely magnetic, but I care more about the layers, so the slice magnets are more or less weights.

All I need to do is sticker it with Fullbrights+ sky blue and I got an insane squan. Has great corner cutting, almost no lockups, pops only happen when you force them, and has an amazing feeling that would impress many people.
Jan 15, 2019
Hong Kong
I say just use repulsive magnets for edge allignment. Edges usually have little to no space in them for anything.
But I have heard that there are magnets slots in the edges of the yuxin little magic sq1 m. Can anyone who really have the yuxin little magic sq1 m tell that does 4*1 magnets fit into the magnets slots in the edges?