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Introducing qqTimer for Chrome


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Apr 15, 2008
Buffalo, NY
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Ok, so Ethan just updated to v1.3 and here are most(I'm probably forgetting some) of changes/bug fixes I've made since v1.1.

-Changed layout to better suit the popup
-For manual enter, everything after space is a comment
-Allow you to click away and exit chrome(edit: and shut down your computer!) without losing your times
-Allow you to delete all and single times(with a confirmation that you wish to do so; see pic)
-Allow you to comment times using 'leave comment'


Still to do: Figure out a good way to change puzzle type. For now, you can do what Ethan said and click timer options -> tab -> use arrow keys to change.

If you find any bugs or want to suggest a change, feel free to post.
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Ethan Rosen

I would just like to once again point out that at this point, this is almost 100% Patrick's project. All applause goes to him.