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I Will Make Your Avatar :D


Aug 19, 2010
Firenze, Italy

Since this Thread has been rivived, here's a new update:

(almost) complete list (86):

gears apples creativity cat dancing flan skydiving threads avatars alots pull ups rainbows airplanes running death fireworks Sarah Chang antimony 1 antimony 2 orangina ice green sims palpatine computer cubes Battpoking sandwiches mario pikalot bulbalot charmalot Typholosialot ?? snoralot cheese stars holidays 3D polygons bruno 3x3 3x3 crossed legs bld square 1 4x4 bld cubecast violence 1 gigaminx violence 2 choices gain birthday cake soccer golfing numbers math color neutral cube+football Oddish Gloom batalot dnfs bld drawing jellyfish jelly fish munch 1 munch 2 corner cutting texas 1 love texas 2 texas 3 (with hat) alot-avatars happiness minecraft corner cutting 2 matisse taking notes portal snow bothered computer and mouse ElWire Scandal Guinea Pigs or Bacon I eat this Foil Hip-Hop Snowboarding Unicycle One-Foot BLD Petaminx

Some requests left unaswered:
Alot riding a unicycle on one foot while solving a petaminx blindfolded! ((Now Done))
alot of riffs (guitar riffs) please
alot of feliks please
alot of stackmats?
Alot of POPping.
I meant soccer [+cube]
A lot of phoenix.
Alot of questions please?
alot of spam...
I do yearn for an alot of villain :>
Can I get a narwhal alot? As in the whale with a tusk.
Angry Alot
alot of rain!
I request an alot of CSS :)
Alot of chocolate cake, please.
I want a Jedi alot :3
how about alot of trolls?
Alot of lamps.
Alot of rice, plz!
Alot of spiky blue poofballs?
that makes alot of sense, i would like alot of music
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