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FORCE cubes: orange magnetic 7x7 (Aofu GTS M), 5x5 Ms (Aochuang GTS M), magnetic megaminxes (Galaxy V2 M), + misc stuff


Sep 6, 2010
New Zealand
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It's not usually a dyed speedcube. Force cubes are usually stickerless cubes. You take 6, take apart all the pieces, and rebuild a cube with just one base colour. Much like the black stickered cubes you then end up with a red/white/yellow/blue/green/orange stickered cube. They're pretty neat looking.

IMO, calling them force cubes is generally very confusing. I'd prefer calling them what they are. Non-black, stickered cubes. :)

An youtuber called AL60RI7HMIS7 did these with Zhanchis at the start of 2012 and send to some youtubers. The term force was used since stickerless cubes had better plastic that lead to better performance and stickerless cubes were still illegal at the time and this was a way to get that better performance on a cube that could be used officially. It a bit like Florian Holes that was taken from the Florian Mod for ShengShou 5x5 back in 2012.

Here some videos from the time. Since then the term stuck.


Doctor Hedron

Nov 2, 2018
St. Petersburg, Russia
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Yes, the force cubes are made by reassembling six stickerless ones into six single-colored ones, and then applying stickers to make it actually a puzzle again. In my case, I use seven, not six - the 7th one gets turned into bags of spare parts, for emergencies. And from experience of making these, sometimes this or that piece can come with some minor visual imperfections, a random black dot in it, a tiny bump on the surface, etc. So these spare parts help with making everything perfect.

Like the other guy already wrote above, back in the day, this was a way to "force" stickerless cubes to be WCA-legal. People preferred the feel of stickerless plastic over black. Nowadays, that's not really an issue, and they are mostly collectibles and a way to make your Aochuang / Aofu / etc stand out among the rest by being i.e. orange instead of black :) The name "force cube" remains, and tbh it's pretty well-known across the cubing community. "Single-colored cubes" is way more confusing ("but how do you solve them???" etc).


Since all this offtopic talk made the thread spill onto page 2, I'll duplicate my latest update here, to actually give it visibility:

Updated the first post: the yellow 7x7 is sold, the regular Galaxy V2 M is sold. Added a few more newer "testimonials" from other buyers, which are mostly for the recent force flagship 4x4s that I made (those are all sold by now), including a youtube review from one person.


HALLOWEEN ORANGE cubes, anyone? :) These are severely discounted. Exotic-colored cubes are WCA legal.

Aochuang GTS M and Aofu GTS M, Moyu's 5x5 and 7x7 flagships. $30 and $40 respectively. Each has an "extra 7th side" worth of spare parts, for emergencies. I also have sets of stickers with application tape from SCS (7 colors incl black), but unfortunately they're slightly different between the 5x5 and 7x7 (see photo: green and blue sides). Stickers are $5 per set, if you want them (a little bit cheaper than from SCS).

For reference: my own stickered 8x8 (not for sale) in this exact orange. This orange is fairly tame in person, not very saturated. It contrasts well with the stickers, and I'm hitting the same solve times as on the stickerless version of the same cube.

This 7x7 is the last one left. The 5x5s, I still have the other colors: yellow for $30, blue and red for $35.

Reference of how this 7x7 and 5x5 look with SCS stickers:

The orange cubes can also be turned into pumpkins. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (older photo)


Shipping (airmail with tracking, cost is based on weight):
only the 7x7 = $12
only the 5x5 = $8 if it's without stickers the Moyu extra things (solution pamphlet, collectible cards), or $12 with all that extra stuff
Both cubes together = $19, but if you don't need the fancy magnetic boxes, then I can squeeze them into a $12 parcel without their boxes (with multiple layers of lightweight but very reliable package material designed for fragile objects).

If you order before Oct 15, the parcel is almost guaranteed to arrive to you before Halloween. I say "almost guaranteed", because literally all of my recent worldwide parcels took less than 2 weeks, but, strictly speaking, you never know what kind of random hiccup the international airmail might suddenly have.


Also, a yellow Aoshi GTS M 6x6 (Moyu's flagship magnetic 6x6) for $35. This is the last one left, discounted (others were $45). I've made them only just a couple days ago, so unfortunately I don't personally have stickers for this one, you'll have to procure them yourself from TC or SCS (I don't even have stickers for my color yet). Photo below for reference: my own stickered Aosu GTS2 M in yellow (not for sale).

Shipping of one 6x6 is $12 (or $8 without the fancy heavy box, see above), or $19 with either the 5x5 or 7x7, or still $19 for three cubes together (weight-based). Without the fancy heavy boxes (see above), one 6x6 and one 5x5 will fit into a $12 parcel.


The offer on the force megaminxes still stands (see the first post). I've discounted all of them to $30-35.


Lastly, I don't have this one ready yet, so I'm not selling / taking any money for this one yet (according to forum rules), just announcing intent and imminent completion very soon.

A force 12x12!

I have the source cubes on me, and these will likely be ready by Oct 15 or so. I have forced cubes as large as a 9x9 and 8x8 and I know how to approach this efficiently. This one will also come with extra pieces on the side, for any imaginable emergency.

Colors left available to claim: one, either orange or red. This is posted in a couple other online places. If no one claims the last one by the time I complete them, then it's possible that blue will be available instead. But if someone takes the last one, then blue is also automatically gone.

Price for this one will be $155. Shipping is $19, but there will be a lot of room left inside the $19 parcel, so any one cube from the above list can fit in there as "free shipping". For example, orange 12x12 + orange 5x5 = still $19 shipping. Tbh, maybe even "5x5 without a box" plus "7x7 without a box" might fit, but this would be really pushing the weight limit. I'll be able to say with confidence once I complete the 12x12.

Custom stickers for this are being arranged right now with a third party. Depending on how we agree about it, maybe all the stickers will be shipped to me, and then I'll ship them to the buyers of cubes.