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Cubing gore


Jun 4, 2018
an unspecified walgreens parking lot
It has gotten worse. Too many beginners putting a picture of like 3 cubes with a caption like
"It ain't much, but it's all I got"
I'm glad I don't go on that subreddit anymore. The rule enforcement there is also super unclear. Some guy posted a picture of a homemade angstrom 354 and I thought "That's a good Idea I should do that". I lubed up my RS3 (original) and posted a picture that was basically the exact same as the guy previous, then It got taken down. The mods on that sub are also a little d-baggish, at least 2 years ago they were, not sure about modern-day though.

It's pretty unfortunate though, I've seen a lot of cool stuff over there, but the energy is off, it's not nearly as good as it is here.

Humble Cuber

Mar 26, 2020
Somewhere on Earth
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A few years back, I received my first ever 4x4 as a present, (it was a cheap amazon no-name brand, think it was a super cheap qiyi 4x4 though), I poped it the next day, and figured that I broke it (this was before I knew that poping happens) and I ended up throwing away the cube