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4x4x4 Method

Sep 12, 2006
Harrington, Delaware
Thread starter #21
In the event that you identify parity during LSEwing pairing and I will propose a recognition system later.

For now, I'll provide some algorithms that can easily pair 3 edge pair (therefore preserve the other 3) and it is N2C safe. L2C effects are predictable.

It is important that you understand how to execute the proper algorithms for the case.

If you apply a parity insertion, and there wasn't parity, you have created parity. If you apply a left handed version, when you should have done a right handed version, you'll wind up without having the LSEwings finished after this step.

I am attaching a variety of short simple sequences (you'll setup these cases with a quick MU trigger). Then if done correctly, you can proceed to CmLL, LSE 4abc, and a commutator to resolve the L2C inserted where you see fit.

These algs disrupt the U/F centers and cycle wings about 3 positions on the M slice.