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2016 New Years Resolutions / Goals


Dec 28, 2014
United States
Some goals for now:

2x2: Sub-4.5 average at least, learn CLL
3x3: Sub-12 average, sub-8 single
4x4: Sub-50 average, sub-40 single
5x5: Sub-1:40 average, sub-1:25 single
6x6: Sub-3:30 average, sub-3 single
7x7: Sub-5:30 average, sub-5 single
OH: Sub-20 average, sub-15 single
BLD: Sub-1:15 singles, maybe start learning comms
FMC: Actually do the event :p
Feet: Practice?
Sq-1: Sub-35 average, sub-25 single
Pyra: Sub-8 average, sub-4 single, but I don't care much for pyra
Mega: Sub-2 average, sub-1:45 single
Skewb: Sub-7 average, sub-4 single
Clock: Sub-12 average, sub-8 single
4/5BLD: Learn both (hopefully)
Multi: Expand my limit beyond 3 cubes

Competition-wise: Compete in more events, go to more competitions if the opportunity is presented (maybe persuade parents to go to US Nats since it's on the west coast), podium in events that people actually care about, and stop getting nervous in BLD and actually getting good times and hopefully a mean

General: Have a successful rest of junior year, write strong college apps when the time comes, try to enjoy life
I suppose it's about time to check back on these...

2x2: barely practiced
3x3: got both

4x4: got both, although only have one sub-40
5x5: got both, and officially
6x6: got both officially
7x7: got both officially
OH: failed both of these
BLD: got the times, but haven't begun learning 3style yet

FMC: sort of, I'm terrible
Feet: not really, but feet's a crappy event anyway
Sq-1: got both officially
Pyra: got both, pyra's still stupid
Mega: got both officially
Skewb: got both
Clock: got both
4BLD: learned it but haven't gotten a comp success
5BLD: learned it but haven't tried a full attempt yet :p
MBLD: yes, pushed myself up to 10 and I can definitely fit in more

Competitions: podiumed in five different events (3BLD, MBLD, mega, 7x7, clock) so I guess that's something, got a 3BLD mean

General: all right I guess, still dying trying to finish apps

all in all not bad


Oct 22, 2011
Bristol, UK
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Gonna focus on BLD and big cubes next year

2x2: Improve my one-looking
3x3: sub 10 official average and global average, learn a big alg set. also get to sub 13 with Roux yes, lolno, lolno
5x5: sub 1:20 global average not at all
6x6: sub 2:30 global average I practiced quite a bit but I'm not even sub 2:40
7x7: sub 4:15 global average I might actually be this fast, I just don't have a good cube to motivate me to practice
Megaminx: Sub 1:05 global average, NR average galaxy saved the day
Square-1: sub 15 global average yeah at one point
Clock: get back to what I averaged in 2013, sub 8.5 official average lolno
Skewb: get decent at advanced, sub 5 global average nope, but I'm gonna start soon
3BLD: switch to full 3-style!! kinda
4BLD: average sub 2:30, do well at a comp no
5BLD: average sub 6 not at all
MBLD: NR yeah somehow

Attempt non-WCA BLD events, like 6BLD
If I go to a comp with 3 FMC attempts, I need to get a mo3 yeah
Try to go to a UK comp yeah
Try to go to Asian Champs no

Real life:
Get used to studying in the UK yeah
Procrastinate less kinda I guess?
Play more music kinda
I was a bit overly ambitious lol


Mar 8, 2014
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I failed almost all of my resolutions from last year so time to change a bit

2x2: Stop using a WitTwo, again - lost an edge piece
3x3: Sub-12, learn full OLL - sub-13, nope
3x3OH: Sub-30, learn some OH PLLs - welp
4x4: Sub-1 - welp
5x5: Sub-3 - far from it
SQ-1: Learn to speedsolve - nope

Non-cubing goals:
Be better at losing weight - something i actually did!
Get better grades - nope
Become LE rank in CSGO - lul
Learn to use Blender and Skyrim Creation Kit - nope

Isaac Lai

Dec 21, 2014
Goals (some might be a bit of a stretch):
2x2: sub 2.5, stop being lazy and learn CLL (EG if possible) no, yes (including EG-1 minus sunes/antisunes)
3x3: sub 9 lol what was I thinking
4x4: sub 45 or lower depending on how much I practice yes, almost sub-40!
3BLD: sub 2 or lower depending on how much I practice lol
OH: sub 17 or lower depending on how much I practice no, around 17
FMC: Learn insertions yes, not that it made a difference
Feet: lol
Megaminx: sub 1 yes
Pyraminx: sub 3.5 consistently lololol
Square-1: sub 15 (lol) no, but it didn't help that my square-1 was broken for half the year
Skewb: sub 3.5, finish learning NS v2 lolololol

Get a 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 and clock 5x5 yes
Complete all events (at home) no
Get skewb and pyraminx NRs (hopefully I don't screw up my only chance) lololololololol

Practise piano enough to get an ATCL yes (preparing for ATCL)
Don't screw up in Math and Music in school exams because of nerves yes
Do reasonably well in everything else
3x3, Pyra and Skewb were epic fails but other goals were mostly fulfilled


May 27, 2015
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2x2: sub-6 avg (now at low 8.x), learn EG-1, and Guimond properly no, around 6.5, no EG-1, no Guimond
3x3: sub-22 avg (now at 28-29s), learn full CMLL (know half of it) yes, around 21-21.5, no full CMLL yet
OH: practice some yes, I like it, averaging around 35 now
4x4: sub-2:15 avg yes, but 2 days ago I would have said no
5x5: sub-4:30 avg no, I've done like 12 solves in total, and best was 7-8 minutes
Megaminx: sub-4:30 avg yes I guess, I averaged like 4 minutes... but then stopped practicing
Skewb: learn how to solve it yes, but I stopped practicing at May, I was sub-16, today I've relearned Skewb
Pyraminx: just learn no, not tried
3BLD: sub-2:30 no, I tried, but no even close to a success
MBLD: 2/2 lol no

Go to a comp yes

Teach my niece how to solve a 2x2 no, mission impossible

Fly more with my tricopter, also try FPV not much really