world record

  1. fun at the joy

    [WR] Stanley Chapel - 1:08.76 Mo3 & 1:02.51 Single 4x4x4 Blindfolded

    Congrats again! He also broke 4BLD WRs. Single and Mo3 dropped both by 4s!
  2. fun at the joy

    [WR] Stanley Chapel - 2:27.63 Mo3 & 2:21.62 Single 5x5x5 Blindfolded

    Congrats to Stanley! Huge time drops, 17s for Single and 37s for Mo3!
  3. GAN 356 X

    [WR] Jeff Park - 18.18 3BLD wr mean

    Wow! I didn't expect Jack's WR average to be beaten so quickly! Congratulations to Jeff Park!
  4. SdnS

    Will 3x3 reach it’s limit?

    With the amount of 3x3 world record singles that have been broken in the last 3-4 years, it has me thinking about the possibility of a world record solve that is unbeatable, and or impossible to surpass. I feel the 3.47 single shook the cubing world, and many didn’t expect it to be possible...
  5. Dylan Swarts

    Graham Siggins - 57/60 MBLD Single in 59:05 Well done!!! I am so happy for you, got so excited as if I had broken my PB. Believe many of us are very proud of you Graham. Keep going and we'll see more records soon.
  6. NCuber

    All WCA World Records

    ALL WCA WORLD RECORDS! Check out the video here!
  7. B

    [WR] Juan Pablo Huanqui - 30.39 Megaminx average

    Another Juan's WR:!/event/minx/d/all
  8. D

    [WR] Sebastian Weyer - 18.25 4x4 single

    The new 4x4 single world record is 18.25 seconds and is now held by Sebastian Weyer. Date: 4. August Time: At around in the second round of 4x4 15:00 Competition: German Nationals There is no video at this point in time.
  9. Tony Fisher

    Largest 2x2x2 UWR smashed

  10. TheSeppomania

    [Unofficial] [UWR] 19.57 Fisher Cube

    just got the first sub 20 nice cross, but no skips ;) (19.57) B' L2 F' B' U2 F' L' B2 D2 R L2 B D2 F' U B L' D U2 R L F' U L D Reconstruction: cross: R' B2 U R' z2 U' F' R' F R F2L1: U' F' U' F F2L2: R' U2 R F2L3: U L' U L U2 L' U L F2L4: U L U' L' U L U L' OLL: F U R...
  11. A

    [Unofficial] 10.89 3x3 OH avg of 5 (UWR)

    i need to go to a comp
  12. S

    [Unofficial] first 2x2x2 bld solve :)

    this was recorded a year ago, and my times BLDing the 2x2x2 are the same, but i'm much more consistent now, almost all solves are good ones. enjoy ;) (and comment, please :o)