world championship

  1. L

    WCA World Championship 2019-Melbourne Australia July 11-14

    January 15th edit: The site is up! November 2nd edit: Speedcubing Australia has posted on their Facebook page that it will indeed be held July 11-14! August 29th Edit: Its in Melbourne! They applied...
  2. Eder

    Brazil 2015 - Word Championship

    Brazil 2015 - World Championship
  3. MadaraMangekyou

    America, the promised land of speedcubing

    well, recently I've made a world ranking for 3x3x3 single... I averaged the 4 best of each country... there is the result so, USA is in the first place, and also has the world record in single, and is the only country with 4 people sub 6 with my friends we used to talk that the first world...