winter variation

  1. Zain_A24

    300 Algs in 300 Days Challenge

    Hello everyone, As the title suggests, I will be learning 300 algorithms in 300 days. 2x2 CLL EG-1 EG-2 3x3 PLL OLL COLL Others Feel free to let me know if there are any other alg sets that I should be aware of to add to the list. (You can join in on my facebook page and learn the algs with...
  2. S

    WV but only for edge pieces- is this a thing?

    Is there something like winter variation but rater than orienting the entire last layer it only orients the edge pieces? Thanks!
  3. Zeyofa

    Need names for Winter Variation Algorithms

    Hey everyone! I'm currently learning Winter Variation (WV) and I'm giving names to my algos :P But I have a shape that I just cannot find any words for it.. would you mind helping me? ^.^ Here...
  4. P

    New aproach to ll? Cpeoll wv and ell

    Okay first I'm sure this has been discussed already but if you use winter variation then cpeoll unless all corners are permuted in which case you would use full ell. Ell takes 11 moves on average pll takes 12 I think 27 wv algs 29 ell algs and 15 cpeoll thatls a little over 60 compared to oll...