1. abunickabhi

    [Unofficial] 4BLD Walkthrough Solve

  2. teboecubes

    5x5 Redux Walkthrough Solves (sub-2:30)

  3. D

    5x5 example/walkthrough solves

    Here I made a video showing three 5x5 example or walkthrough solves: It's in spanish but I didn't put subtitles as they would just be "And I see this red piece and this piece, and to this..." As of the video's date I'm averaging 1:45 minutes. Hope you like it :)
  4. DarioRubik

    3x3 Example Solves

    Here are some example solves I did, hope you guys find them helpful!
  5. CuberRiley

    3x3 Walkthrough Solves and a Cubicle.US Contest!!!

    Hi guys!!! Here's a video of me doing a few walkthrough solves, and some important information about an upcoming 150 subscriber contest!!! (The contest information is at the end) Thanks!!! -RECuber https://youtu.be/jjV7Kc53WQ0
  6. B

    Some Yau walkthroughs

    My first walkthrough solve video! Please tell me your thoughts. :D Brest?
  7. Noahaha

    [Unofficial] Twelve Cubers, One Scramble

    Hey guys! This is a video I put together for the Cubing World collaboration that I run. I think that the result is very interesting:
  8. Kesava Kirupa

    Walkthrough Solve!

  9. yoshinator

    4x4 Walkthrough solves

    http://youtu.be/mmqwYnYX_Pk Please leave any comments or questions here or in the comments. Thanks!
  10. leonparfitt

    [Unofficial] 4x4 Walkthrough Solve...Tips?

    THE QUALITY OF THIS VIDEO GOT 'MESSED UP' WHILE UPLOADING ! This is a Walkthrough solve of the Yau Method on the 4x4. I made this video intended to receive Tips from other solvers so i can progress in speed.I currently Average 50-55 on 4x4. Please don't just comment 'Practice'...
  11. U

    The Pyraminx "Example Solve" Game

    Since there is no Pyraminx example solve game yet (atleast i couldn't find it), why not create one? Rules are the same as on the other Example Solve games. I post a random scramble from a timer here, the next person shows his/her solution and posts another scramble. This continues, and doesn't...
  12. brandbest1

    [video] Square-1 Walkthrough Solves

  13. cubersmith

    Overall 3x3 tips

    I know there is probably 100s of these threads, but I don't know what else to do. I haven't improved in ages and I need to know what areas to focus on practising. I made a walkthrough solves video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2kgrKKuqcQ Any tips/help/advice? Thanks :)