1. C

    GAN 330 + Valk 2M Review | Video + Written Review.

    Hi guys, I have just gotten 2 new cubes, the Gan 330 and Valk 2M. I will be reviewing both in a written review here and more in-depth in my video. Linked here: GAN330: GANS newest cube (aside from the Monster GO collection) has come in a keychain form! Measuring 30mm, it is the perfect size to...
  2. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Best 3x3 comparison

    WCA hardware comparison threads: Best 2x2 comparison Budget 3x3 comparison Budget high-end 3x3 comparison...
  3. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Best 2x2 comparison (new)

    Which one is the best 2x2?
  4. PingPongCuber

    Selling or Trading Valk 3 Mini, Valk 3, and X-Man Wingy Skewb.

    Hi! I stumbled upon some high-quality cubes that I don't use anymore, and am willing to sell or trade them. If you have a cube that you would be willing to trade, please offer that before selling it, as I would much rather new puzzles. For all of these puzzles, you pay shipping, and it will be...
  5. u Cube

    VALK 4 M | Wuque KILLER?!

  6. u Cube

    VALK 3 ELITE | New BEST Cube?!

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  7. CriticalCubing

    PLLs used by Mats Valk

    If anyone wants the Plls used by Mats Valk, here are those plls. Timestamps are in the description of the video if you want to watch a specific alg! Skip to 0:40 as I ramble for a bit in the begining! Any feedback is appreciated! Criticism is appreciated as long as it is constructive! And...
  8. Erik

    [WR] 3x3x3 single 5.55 Mats Valk

    mats just broke the WR single with 5.55. OLL skippy WCrTrtxAUbA D2 U' R2 U F2 D2 U' R2 U' B' L2 R' B' D2 U B2 L' D' R2 x y' // inspection F R D L F // cross U R U' R' d R' U R // 1st pair y U2' R' U' R // 2nd pair U L U' L' d R U' R' // 3rd pair y' U' R U R' U R U' R' // 4th pair...
  9. Tony Fisher

    [Official] 2011 Dutch Open Championship- Final solves

    This video shows the final 5 solves for the top 3 placed competitors. qtQB7EbfqSk