v-cube 2

  1. nuclearbigdaddy

    V-Cube 2 Lubrication Question

    Hello, I am brand new to threads on this site. I have a V-Cube 2 coming in the mail, and I was wondering if I should put CRC Silicone Spray into it. I like my cubes to be smooth yet speedy. I've been cubing for a little while now and have been really enjoying it. Thanks:cool:
  2. mitch1234

    Modification Tutorial for the V-Cube 2

    Makes the cube very fast but makes it look ugly.
  3. cannon4747

    which cube should i NOT get

    I'm saving up about $100 dollars to get some stuff (the majority of which is cubes) and the stuff i want costs about $120 - $125 altogether with shipping and i can't decide which one NOT to get. here is what i want to buy: $20 for dallas open $23 for minecraft $18 for maru 4x4 $17 for...