united kingdom

  1. S

    Cubing in Manchester, UK

    Any cubers from Manchester (or the North West) around?
  2. SerpentineCubes

    Planning to make new cube store in UK

    Sorry, but something has come up which prevents me from running this store :( I am really sorry that I have to disappoint you all but I can't do it anymore
  3. Berkmann18

    [Member Intro] Greetings

    Hello everyone, my name is Maximilian Berkmann. I'm a british 18 years old speedcuber and I've attended my first competition last weekend (Oxford Winter 2014) where I've unfortunately messed up: Square-1, 3BLD, FMC and the 3x3. I'm doing: 2x2 to 5x5, Clock, Square-1, Megaminx, 3x3 OH, 3BLD...
  4. KongShou

    UK Speedcube shop - Cheap cubes anyone?

    Hi I know quite a few people has posted about opening a cube shop based in the uk. Im thinking of the same thing but i promise the price will be cheaper than any other shop based in the uk. But i cant be certain on that because i have no idea how much cubes cost in uk speedcube shops nowdays. so...
  5. CharlieCooper

    UK Cubers!

    Hello all of you chatty UK folk Today while browsing in TX Maxx I noticed there was a three puzzle set in the bag/tools/man section that contained three puzzles for £7, which separately would probably cost almost £30. It included the first brainstring, which is pretty cool (I really like...