1. Human Cuber

    Best BUDGET Megaminx! | YJ YUHU V2M | Unboxing

    This one of the best BUDGET Megaminx that I tested out so far? What do you think? Feel Free to Discuss?
  2. Human Cuber

    Best BUDGET Megaminx! | YJ YUHU V2M | Unboxing

    A short vid from me to brief out this little Megaminx I got that performed well! Fell free to comment anything?
  3. teboecubes

    I Unboxed TheCubicle’s $3, $5, $10, and $25 MYSTERY PUZZLES And Compared Them!

  4. KamTheCuber

    MSCube MS3-V1 Unboxing and Review

  5. H.E's a cuber

    Unboxing a lot of 3x3s

    So I just recently got a bunch of 3x3s. I decided to do an unboxing video and maybe add a little spice to it. Also, it’s interesting to see how cubes have evolved over time. What do you think?
  6. Immortal Knight- Cubing

    3x3 RS3M 2020 Unboxing + First Impressions! Rlcubeshop! Custom magnetised Version

    Hey guys! In today's video, rlcubeshop sends me over quite a few cubes, out of which, one is the RS3M 2020! To know more about why I feel about it, click on the link below :
  7. teboecubes

    Rubik's Magic Star Fidget Toy UNBOXING

  8. Random Cubing

    Shengshou Clock and X-Man Galaxy Megaminx || Unboxing + Review

    In this video, I unbox the ShengShou magnetic clock and the X-Man Galaxy V2 M megaminx, as well as provide my thoughts on these puzzles. Watch the video to hear more!
  9. Cubingcubecuber

    Cubingcubecuber YT Thread | Collin Burns OLLCP

  10. C

    GAN 330 + Valk 2M Review | Video + Written Review.

    Hi guys, I have just gotten 2 new cubes, the Gan 330 and Valk 2M. I will be reviewing both in a written review here and more in-depth in my video. Linked here: GAN330: GANS newest cube (aside from the Monster GO collection) has come in a keychain form! Measuring 30mm, it is the perfect size to...
  11. Moyustore

    Moyustore-the Best Moyu Speed Cube Shop

    Hi welcome to moyustore. everyone here can use the code "speed" to save extra 6% off if the order is over 29.99$usd. and Buy 2 get 1 free 3x3 random cube. 1. Moyu Weilong WR M 2020 R33M 2020 MFJS MeiLong Macarone Meilong M Series Time: 2020.6.3 Price: 2x2 9.9$usd 3x3 9.9$usd 4x4 13.99$usd 5x5...
  12. C

    Review and unboxing of the Celeritas GTS3M + written review

    Written Review: Initially, the GTS3M came very sandy and dry feeling. Over the course of a hundred solves, it quickly sped up. Surprisingly, to my surprise, the cube was able to still keep its stability. I did find myself overshooting on occasion. The cube seems to be lubed with celeritas and...
  13. teboecubes

    Unboxing the X-Man Volt V2 and QiYi Dino Cube

  14. u Cube

    Moyu Weilong WR M, Mystic, and MORE | Unboxing!

  15. u Cube

    COSMIC VOLT M!!!! | SCS Unboxing!

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  16. u Cube

    ZHANCHI 2018 Unboxing

  17. u Cube

    MASSIVE Unboxing

  18. u Cube

    Christmas Tree UNBOXING!!!!

  19. T

    QI YI thunderclap v2 review and unboxing

  20. M

    YJ GuanSu Unboxing

    Hey Everyone, I've made an unboxing of the YJ GuanSu on YouTube, which can be seen here: https://youtu.be/DGJREfuuh7U Enjoy, and let me know what you think!