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    2.88 Skewb Ao5!

    terrible solves, decent time.
  2. u Cube

    1.01 Skewb PB Single!

  3. u Cube

    1.37 Skewb Single!

  4. u Cube

    16 Fast NS Algs | Skewb

    An entry into a new set of algs beyond sarah's advanced
  5. u Cube

    Gan Air SM Review in 2020!

  6. u Cube

    2.75 PB Ao5 | Skewb

    Lol first solve 1. (8.72) R' L' U' L' B' R' U L' 2. 2.94 B' L' R U R' U L' U L' 3. (2.23) R' L U R' U' L B' U 4. 2.24 U L' B U R U' L' R' 5. 3.06 U R' L U R B' L' R
  7. u Cube

    Tengyun 2x2 Review! | BEST 2x2!

  8. u Cube

    1.04 PB Single! | Skewb

    Kinda sub-1 fail cuz of lockup in the middle :(
  9. u Cube

    1.22 PB Single! | Skewb

    Red layer is a cancellation into an ns case. Thanks Carter!
  10. u Cube

    Tengyun V1 vs Tengyun V2

  11. u Cube

    9.94 PB Ao5 | 3x3 (Roux)

  12. u Cube

    Tengyun 2x2 Unboxing!

  13. u Cube

    Dayan Tengyun V2 M | Unboxing!

  14. u Cube

    1.28 Skewb Single | PB2

    Got a counting 2.8x after this solve but then choked the rest of the average with a couple low to mid 4s and a 5 :( That's skewb in a nutshell
  15. u Cube

    Skewb Fingertricks!