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    Why You Should Use Lefty M!

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    How to Sledge/Hedge into the Back Right

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    You're Solving This Case Wrong!

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    NA pls

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    3 Tips To Inspect Farther!

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    Easy Alg For Bad SB Case

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    OO CMLL Alg for L2

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    9.92 3x3 Ao5 | Roux

    I didn't realize I've only posted 1 other sub-10 average on my channel, so I figured it would be good to post another :) Hopefully here soon I can beat my 9.33 pb average and get it on camera!
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    Boomerang Pyramid Unboxing!

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    Moyu Fisher Time Wheel Unboxing!

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    2.61 PB Skewb Ao5 w/ 1.88 Single

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    Pseudo Layer | Skewb Advanced Method

    Haven't seen this before, been using it in some solves recently to skip 5 sledge cases on easy layers. Recog is kinda trash though
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    45.04 CMLL Time Attack WB | 9.81 TPS

    Sub-42 soon
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    47.42 CMLL Time Attack WB | 9.32 TPS

    I can't find a faster time than this, please let me know if there is :)
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    different video, probably another cubing video next week and maybe a tutorial on my new skewb method :O Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    3x3 Walkthrough Solves | Roux!