1. emilia84

    Magnetic Cubes and Airport Security

    I am taking a domestic flight in the U.S. soon and would like to take my magnetic cubes with me. I am going to put them in a backpack and take them as a carry on. The magnetic cubes are an Aosu V1 4x4, GTS3M, the MGC 2x2, and a moyu pyraminx. Will I make it through airport security with those...
  2. WinterCub3r

    Where are some of the strangest places you have solved a cube?

    So I thought it would be cool to start a thread about all the weird places people have solved before. I have solved in the back of a cop car< not being arrested :P and at the doctors a week after knee surgery.
  3. TiLiMayor

    WC2013 - Los Angeles/Las Vegas - Carpooling Thread

    //Hello, here I am asking again, new thread style.. Apologies in advance for the bumps I might do in the next couple of days.. I've been planing on going to worlds for the last couple of months and of course since I had to find the best/cheaper way to get there, checking up on plane ticket...