tips to improve

  1. H.E's a cuber

    The secret key to improving.

    Anybody who is not happy when practicing will find it really hard to improve. Here are some tips on being happy with your practice sessions.
  2. leonparfitt

    [Unofficial] 4x4 Walkthrough Solve...Tips?

    THE QUALITY OF THIS VIDEO GOT 'MESSED UP' WHILE UPLOADING ! This is a Walkthrough solve of the Yau Method on the 4x4. I made this video intended to receive Tips from other solvers so i can progress in speed.I currently Average 50-55 on 4x4. Please don't just comment 'Practice'...
  3. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] 1:38.30 Megaminx solve (Tips?)

    This solve is a bit below average, probably because of the easy cross, and the 2 Look OLL. Sory that the cube is sometimes hard to see... Any tips would be appreciated! Megaminx is a Mefferts with Mf8 colour scheme. Bonus: Scrambles: 1. (12.48) R U' L' U2 L2 R U' B2 F L2 R2 F2 R F2 D B' L'...
  4. primecuber

    How to be consistent at sub 9 at 7x7x7

    I've been practicing 7x7 ALOT and i'm averaging about 9:20.00. My PB is 8:47.xy. Any tips to consist sub 9? My splits are usually 4:30-3:50-35
  5. Aini9027

    Help me plz, how to be a sub 20

    Hi frnds, i m nt new here, but i hv nt postd any thread. I want you to help me to improve my solves. I live in india. So i m nt able to gt gud types of cubes here, although i got a cube, which was worth 20 rs means 40 cents approx. Whatever , it was a gud cube fr me. Nw get back to main pt. I m...
  6. pjk

    [Help Thread] 5x5x5 Discussion

    Text Algs Meep Last Two Centers Last Two Edges Kirjava K4 LL <-- parity algs for last two edges Videos Erik Akkersdijk LanceTheBlueKnight RobH0629 Dan Cohen Kevin Lee MeMyselfAndPi Feliks Zemdegs...