1. C

    My journey to Sub-20

    Hi guys, I've been cubing for around 3 years now (2 years actively) and due to the recent pandemic, I got back into cubing! Within a few weeks I was averaging lower 20's and just a couple weeks ago, I was able to achieve sub 20! it was extremely gratifying seeing all my hard work go to use. I do...
  2. joshuastacker

    [Unofficial] New Rubik's Clock Records :D

    By the time I got to posting this, qqtimer had unsaved the scrambles ;-; but I got 3 records, Ao12 (Not in video), Ao5, and Single. Ao12: 21.164, 22.371, 22.136, 22.457, 22.882, (18.556), 34.365, 22.269, (34.639), 31.116, 23.857, 23.098 | Ao5: (27.449), (21.164), 22.371, 22.136, 22.457 | Single...
  3. TorbinRoux

    [Unofficial] 22.15 One Handed Average of 12

    I got a couple sub-20 singles while doing the Sunday Contest, so I figured I'd post this. Pretty happy about it:) Any advice?
  4. T

    Sub-20 on 3x3

    Right now I am averaging just above 20 seconds. I'm just wondering if you have any tips on practicing or how I should practice to be sub 20 consistently. Thanks!
  5. nalralz

    How to be sub-13 (read first post before posting)

    How do you become sub-13 on 3x3? My best average is 13.40 and I normally get 14-16 second averages and I don't know what do next.
  6. K

    Stuck between 20-25

    Speed Cube :- Weilong V1 Best :- 14.30sec I use F2L, full PLL & 2 look OLL. I solve the cross in 4sec, F2L in 11-13 sec and the rest for OLL & PLL. Which part do I improve and how. I am stuck at this level for 2-3 months. Please guys help me.
  7. lorki3

    [video] OH Example Solves by Thijs - Criticism appreciated

    Hi cubers, I've been stuck at around 21-23 seconds with OH for a long time now (four years, though three years of that were without any practice) and I thought what better way to improve than ask fellow cubers what I could do better in my solves. Here's the video, the scrambles are in the...
  8. mDiPalma

    [Unofficial] Sub-20 with 20 ZZ "Variants"

    This was really fun to make. I was going to do 21, but I couldn't think of any more variants :fp . I got slightly lucky on the LBL and OCELL solves, but I don't think too much of it.
  9. T

    Proof Reader neeed for Rubik's cube book

    I am a physicist with a CogSci background. Currently I am in the process of re-editing a self published book I wrote several years ago on Rubik's 3x3 speed training program. I don't need super Rubik's cube 3x3 experts, a beginner's point of view would also be very useful. If you are interested...
  10. cubernya

    Race to Sub-20 (Must average above 30 to start)

    Race to Sub-25 (Must average above 30 at start to get reward) MOD NOTE : If you can change the thread title to my post title it would be great Alright, this is kind of like brackets (well not kind of, it is!) This will last just a few weeks, until the final winner is declared. The first 16...
  11. *LukeMayn*

    How to be sub 20

    ok, I think this would be a good way to start the intermediate place so here we go! First off I'll be talking mainly about the fridrich method. if you know another method, stay here as it will likely be beneficial anyway. So here we go! step 1: Use the search bar for stuff (seriously) :) ok so...